Rack Project

I put together a small rack setup to hold some vivaria; the vivaria house most of my poison dart frog collection. Given the amount of time, thought and effort I put into it, I figured a build journal was in order – thus the page you’re looking at. Rather than lay it all out on one monster page, I’m going to break it into pages focusing on subsystems.

Not worth pages of their own are the shelves and the vivaria that sit on them. The shelves are 4’x18″x5’H wire units from Target. I replaced the middle two shelves with heavier-duty ones from Metro – shelf failure would be a disaster and these two will be supporting the most weight. There are four vivaria: two 16″ acrylic cubes (originally from Understory Enterprises, purchased used from another frogger) and two 36″x18″x17″H sliding front glass boxes from Glass Cages. A problem with the otherwise perfect wire shelving units is that a nominal 48″ length is more like a usable 44″ or 45″ once you take the posts into account. Although I’d have liked to do two four foot vivs, I managed to fill in the extra space left by the three footers, as you’ll see.


Warning – these pages (like all the web) are in flux. When I feel like I’ve whipped the build doco into reasonable shape, I’ll remove this caveat…



Oh, and an afterthought – a link to the Flickrset where I stash all the photos.

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