About me

A few labels that could be applied (w/ some degree of accuracy) to me: falconer, dog trainer, dog breeder, bird hunter, tech weenie, fly fisher, dart frogger, beatnik/hippie – there’s more, but that’s enough for now.

A little more background can be found here and here. Other projects, info buckets and personal foolishness are under the alt.tentacles header in the right margin of the main pages – Flickr, del.icio.us – that sort of thing.


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Does dr.hypercube have a biography? Clicking the name brings up nada.

    Read and appreciated the piece on tandems.


  2. Hello,

    I am interested in a photo that you took of The Golden Book Gown.

    Could you email me?

    Thank you.


  3. your neighbor down on old stage rd. — wish i could have seen your peregrine presentation in portsmouth. would have loved that! also, horrified to read/see about your stent. wikked scary mary!! hope you’re doing fine now and back riding your bike. all best wishes from gary and deena

  4. Hello,
    I’m interested in becoming an apprentice falconer. Im not having any real luck finding any info on where to start looking for a sponsor in southern NH. If there’s anyway you can help me itd be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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