Some local wildflowers

I took the camera along when I ran the dogs this morning and I’m glad I did. Wildflower season is well underway. Unfortunately, we were out before some of the flowers woke up.

Trout Lily – also known as Dogtooth Violet, but I’m of the opinion that anything with trout in the name is a winner (see: Trout Fishing in America, Trout Mask Replica).




Marsh Marigolds


And a slide show of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Some local wildflowers

  1. yea now reading this really make me feel how ignorant i have really been all my life as to what out in my own back yard..i spent my childhood in the woods almost every day but paid to much attention to the wildlife and not enough attention to the plants…thanks for sharing

  2. It was pretty much the same for me, too – as a kid, all I wanted to do was catch that mudpuppy or find that box turtle – the good news is that time in the woods is never wasted!

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