Wordly Wise

Two new (to me) words that I like quite a bit:

  • Handwavium

The fictional material handwavium (similar to unobtainium) is sometimes referred to in situations where the solution requires access to a substance that is probably possible to create, but only by means which would require a great deal of research, development, time, effort, and/or money, none of which the speaker intends to explain at the moment. *

  • Beausage – probably pronounced byoosij, but I like the sound of bō-sahzh…

…it’s a synthetic combination of the words beauty and usage, and describes the beauty that comes with using something.

How, you may ask, is beausage any different than patina? Well, it’s certainly related, but different. Patina is really more about surface level changes happening at a chemical level: oxidation, chemical stripping, and so on. Beausage describes changes that happen in 3D where atoms get torn and stripped away, as occurs with scratches, tears, chips, and wear marks. *

For another nice example of beausage, see here.

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