Courtesy of Stephen Bodio, a falconer’s (among many other things) bookshelf:



(As is often the case here, click the picture for a larger version)

Extra credit for identifying the green book and the gold book that are next to each other in the center of the shot (the two that are duplicated in my library). I’m having a lot of fun with this theme – expect another shelf of mine soon…

4 thoughts on “Bookshelf

  1. Howdy, I’m Liam’s friend, Sam. Liam was showing me and a few others your blog tonight after searching through several pages in a thread on a poison dart frog forum, and I just thought I’d introduce myself since I’ve only met you a couple times, very informally.

    I’ve got a blog, too, but I’m awful at updating it at any kind of regular interval, and I never know what to write about. :/

  2. Hey Sam, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Be sure to click through to Steve Bodio’s blog when you get a chance – he’s got an ‘identify things found on my desk’ thread going. Cave bear paw skeleton! I read some of your blog entries – most enjoyable. The only advice I can give you on blogging topics is to just write – grab something that you’re mulling over and work out some thoughts on paper (or, more properly, on electrons). If you don’t mind, I’m going to add Altered-Screens to the blogroll…

  3. Found this page through Steve’s website, Querencia. I see two green books and three that might pass for gold, so, from left to right: Ehon Taka Kagami (Mirror of Hawks); the next looks to be Observations on Modern Falconry by Ronald Stevens; then The Hawking of Japan by E.W. Jameson; A Falcon in the Field by Jack Mavrogordato (recent Western Sporting reprint); and finally John Loft’s excellent A Merlin For Me. I suspect Stevens and Jameson are the two you’re looking for…

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