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  1. That section is one of a couple I think of as my ‘Bodio shelves’. I enjoyed the heck out of Mathewson’s book – there’s still a scull boat ducking tradition on Great Bay, so his observations from the other side of the country were good to read. The book on the far left w/ a parchment dust jacket just above the 2 skinny paperbacks is Arseniev – Dersu the Trapper (I think that’s the correct title) – another book I owe you a thank-you for. I saw Kurosawa’s film back in college, loved it, and later read an item somewhere (that you wrote, IIRC) about a reprint/translation of the original. Don’t remember where I got the book, but get it I did…

  2. Do you know how to post to “strange maps”? I have a bit about “mud maps” made by crabs returning to water over tide flats and recorded over a period of time. But there’s no contact address.

    Prairie Mary

  3. I’m afraid I don’t know how to directly get a web site in front of the person who does strange maps. The one suggestion I made got conveyed in the form of a comment – pretty confident it got read – I’d give that a try.

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