Sequential leaves

One of my favorite group of carnivorous plants is the epiphytic Utricularia – the section Orchidioides. I have three specimens (still looking for the elusive jamesoniana – if you have any, I have a large division of humboldtii to trade). It struck me the other morning what a nice gradation of shape one sees in the leaves of my three:

U. humboldtii – a pretty fan.


U. reniformis – the fan is wide open!


U. nelumbifolia – the edges meet.

(In fact, some nelumbifolia leaves resemble reniformis – see this picture from

And nelumbifolia’s eponym, Nelumbo ‘Chawan Basu’.


All of the carnivores are loving the summer sun. My Brocchinia reducta are yellowing up nicely

and the Sarracenia alata are making lots of fresh new pitchers.

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  1. Hello, I know this article was posted over a year ago but I thought I would still give it a shot. I happen to have a nice clump of U. jamesoniana that I took from my motherplant a few months ago. If the offer still stands for that clump of U. Humboldtii, I am very interested.

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