4 thoughts on “Bookshelf

  1. “Separated at birth”? I have about three- quarters of the books in the second photo, including Janissary Tree and the Byatt; the Payne- Gallwey, the Silk Road, and the Women of the Gobi in the other; and The Deep is on my wish list!

  2. The Janissary Tree is in the stack because you mentioned it a while ago – a very good read.

    I loved Morpho Eugenia – saw the movie made from it a few years ago and enjoyed it, but Byatt… Great. In the interval between movie and novella I’d forgotten the key role played by ants. Social insects again – they keep popping up. Speaking of ants, I assume you’ve seen news of E.O. Wilson’s new project?

    I got The Deep this morning. Spectacular. My only quibble (and it is nitpicking) is the inclusion of some CGI images. Like putting Pamela Anderson in a book of beautiful women – why?

  3. Hey… I’d be interested in “Black Hole” (just sounds interesting to me) if/when you finish. I have *plenty* of (book) trade material.


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