8 thoughts on “She’s here…

  1. What’s that doozy on its head? And that’s one gorgeous bird, very cool to see pictures of it so close-up. Wish I knew more about birds.

  2. Sam – it’s a hood. It keeps her calm during the initial get-acquainted period (more properly, manning and early taming) and will continue to be used throughout her life.

  3. *Sigh* I thought I didn’t want one, was looking forward to a falcon-free summer, but now that I see yours…

  4. RKO’C – after just leaving a ‘respect the nature of the beast’ post over at your blog, I gotta admit – I’m completely infatuated. Time for more carriage…

  5. Lovely. As I said to Pluvialis about her incoming Gos: ENVY!!!!

    She is very dark. I like that.

    So now you have a redtail and a falcon?

  6. Steve – I think she’s beautiful, but I may be suffering from the falconer’s version of kennel blindness. Yes – I now have 2 – the RT and the Peregrine. I’ve thought about hacking the RT back or passing him to someone else, and I may yet, but he’s such an (knock wood) easy keeper – just take him to flying weight and go hawking – that I hesitate to let him go.

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