Parrots as external memory

Shades of Humboldt’s Parrot (damn, that’s an old post!): “Widow Asks Public For Help Finding Missing Parrot That Speaks In Late Husband’s Voice” *

A San Juan Capistrano woman is asking the public for help finding her beloved African gray parrot.

Karen McIntyre said the bird’s absence is like losing a member of the family, in part because he spoke in her late husband’s voice.

“My husband passed away three years ago, and he still uses my husband’s voice to tell the dogs to be quiet, and he calls my son Patrick, or he calls my daughter Erin,” said McIntyre.”He picks up the phone and makes telephone calls in my husband’s voice.”

One thought on “Parrots as external memory

  1. I have always worried about where my grey parrot would go if something happened to me… but knowing it would be to someone I love, the worry is more about how my loved one would take having to listen to me for the duration of a parrot’s life.

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