Drone attacked by X

Via peacay, a MeFi thread with a bunch of critters attacking drones. My favorites:

The one that I’ve seen a lot of recently – an immature Redtail – first brought to my attention by Jessamyn.

Canada Goose

“Goose attacks x” is a “dog bites man” story.

Oh, come on. I’ve seen Canadian geese attack nuns. Canadian geese will attack any damn thing in their general vicinity, they are vicious and stupid and definitely got the memo that they were a legally protected species and tht THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT if they repeatedly try to murder you. Geese attacking things definitely do not count for attack video compilations; it is not unusual behavior because they ALWAYS approach the world like a coked-up, steroid-addled teenaged athlete who hates his parents and has something to prove. It’s their default state. – Eyebrows McGee


That’s some serious dislike there Mr McGee.
Did a Canadian goose beat you up in High School? – ambivalentic

And the weirdest – bees attack drone. My current hypothesis is that the sound of the drone motors angers the bees – I can’t come up w/ any other reason for them to behave this way.