Book and aircraft

As promised – not much original content – snapshots and linkage, mainly…

Reid wrote a great post on the Antonov An-124 over at Querencia and Pluvialis responded with a funny Simpson’s clip and word of a potential killer An-225 picture. We get an An-124 stopping by occasionally down the way at Pease, but I’ve never seen one in the sky. I have seen C-5s flying in and out and Pluve’s Douglas Adams quote is exactly right. A clip of a Newington, NH landing and a picture of Maine’s answer to the Spruce Moose – a DC-3 floatplane (largest floatplane ever, I believe) are my feeble contributions.



I saw The World Without Us on Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools page yesterday and fell over it again today on kfmonkey (Rogers also saw the Cool Tools link). It looks interesting – a post-crash companion to 1491, perhaps?

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the An-124 post. Now that I’ve come out of the closet as a former aerospace weenie I will probably do some more aircraft oriented posts. Had no clue that there was a DC-3 float plane, that’s neat. Hope Pluvi finds the An-225 pic.

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