Salt marsh vacation

I spent a couple days on a south-of-Boston salt marsh. I’ll let some photos do the talking…

Random commentary:

  • On the ride down I listened to a couple Outside/In (strong recommendation!!) episodes. One, Molto Moleche, was esp relevant. While out fishing (pronounced ‘getting blown around on unfamiliar water, but having fun anyway’), young D and I saw a ton of green crabs.
  • There is such a thing as the Maritime and Irish Mossing Museum. I would like to be in the area some Sunday afternoon – I’d love to take a look at the harvesting history of Chondrus crispus.
  • The birdwatching was great. I can’t imagine how fantastic it is in the fall as birds stream south,

Thanks, host and friends. ‘Twas a wikkid awesome time!


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