Had to throw GIS in the title – an acronym that always pricks up my ears 🙂 .  Friend S indicates in a comment that he’s following along & mapping my ride. I’m going to work on adding some sort of goog maps layer to make it easier for people, but until I get there I’ll try to make the underlying data ava to anyone interested in it. Looks like the best export source is Strava – my profile is here. I’ll try to download .gpx files for folks to a public goog drive folder here. And I’ll put links to both in the alt.tentacles section of the blogroll. Incidentally, alt.tentacles is where you’ll find links out to other thangs on the internet I populate and/or update.

P.S. Depending on the state of my goog drive filespace quota, the .gpx repository may be the X number of latest files – I think you can download any ancient history from Strava if necessary.

P.P.S. Nota benny: my World Wide Swim Club tumblog is listed in alt.tentacles. I’m documenting wild (and semi-wild) natation spots I’ve dunked in. If any other water fiends want into the Club, just let me know your Tumblr ID and I’ll share access (I ?think? I can do that).

Dawn at 7:49 - near the west side of the Central Time zone. (sunup at 7:54) #SandSAS

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