Shelving the Carnivores

As my Sarracenia collection has expanded, my backyard table’s become covered with mini-bogs. I figured I’d reclaim it, so I threw together a shelf out of salvaged cinderblocks, chimney tile, disk rotor and strapping. Further proof that I am a DFH – swamp yankee subsp. [n.b. – some of the photos below, rather than embiggening when clicked as is our normal practice, will instead link to the main Flickr photo page so you can see attached notes.]



Sarracenia unknown’s hood (maybe Tarnok?)


A side (yard) note – the cherries are ready and the new growth bamboo is leafing out.

3 thoughts on “Shelving the Carnivores

  1. Can’t you just HEAR the little in ground pond (like @ Black Jungle) whispering your name?


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