Follow up and new stuff

I am adding new tags to my posts – starting immediately and as I feel like it, I’ll use Chas’ post typology. I’m going to enhance and extend** a bit:

Type1 – !warning – minimal original content!, other than perhaps an “Ooh, shiny!” from yrs truly.

Type2 – what I did on my summer vacation feat. Deep Thoughts. In other words, things I’m thinking about.

Type3 – eats.

So, the first official type1:

Quite some time ago I posted on the work of Walton Ford. I clicked to the Taschen Books web site yesterday and on the home page? Info about Pancha Tantra, a beautiful bestiary. “Bruegel by way of Borges” indeed – I wish I could afford a copy (n.b. if I could afford a copy, I likely would not be working a “normal” job).


Read this (and the comments). It’s caused me to read some new-to-me Orwell, re-read a bunch of T. S. Eliot and think a little more…

** “enhance and extend” is oftentimes IT-corporatespeak for pervert and make proprietary.

1 thought on “Follow up and new stuff

  1. I’d kill for a Walton Ford.

    He has one print I know of, an Archaeopteryx on a falconer’s glove. It costs just a bit more than the Pancha Tatra. If I got a big advance I’d get both– though the book may be even cooler, and probably includes it.

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