Cherry Crisp

I’m posting this as a memory aid for myself and as info for you, dear reader. I’m getting closer to a really good cherry crisp – this is where I ended up with the last batch of the season’s cherries:

  • Start with this recipe.
  • Double the cherry qty – I used almost 5 cups. Lowball the sugar – fat 3/4 cup to scant 1 cup.
  • Add some almonds to the topping after the butter’s been incorporated (that would be a metric ‘some’, not an English ‘some’).
  • More almonds on top of the topping.
  • 9″ square baking pan.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Crisp

  1. Thanks – that is so timely. My tart cherry tree is in prime mode and I made a microwave crisp that was pretty good yesterday. But I want something better before the season is over (probably tomorrow at the rate summer is passing by).

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