Aprés la grêle

A serious thunderstorm came through early yesterday evening – there was even a tornado warning issued (not common here in New England)! No funnel clouds AFAIK, but about 10 minutes of hail. Some pictures of the aftermath taken this morning…

I grabbed one of the larger stones and put it in the freezer:


My lotus took some hits:


It’s a tough life. A nestling killed by the hail:


The woods got a much needed soaking – out come the amphibians. Young of the year spring peepers everywhere:

2 thoughts on “Aprés la grêle

  1. It was *NASTY*.

    I was guessing that we had some type of small micro burst activity. The winds were easily 70mph.

    I saw a baby Robin that had gotten blown out of the nest. It’s mom was trying to distract me away from it. It couldn’t fly yet – if it made it through the night … maybe it lives.


  2. Big hail is scary. Socorro (county seat) had one a few years ago that may have been one of the worst in US history. We rolled in to town just as it was leaving as a brief tornado. Fields were as white as snow, but the most amazing thing was the size of the stones– some larger than chicken eggs (that I saw– one friend had a photo of one that must have been baseball size!) Over 200 cars were totaled, which is still reflected in a bumper sticker: “This car survived the great Socorro Hail Storm.” The tile roofs of the old buildings of New Mexico Tech were also destroyed. A miracle no one was killed, though a worker caught on the roof of a new building was hospitalized with bruises all over his body.

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