Some photos from a cold wet New England spring

Given what’s been happening in the Midwest, I am not going to complain at all about the spring weather here in New England; instead, I’ll just observe that it has been cold and wet. Cold enough that seeing wildflowers is a bit of a surprise – although photoperiod-wise they’re right on time, it still feels a little early. The green of new leaves against a gray cotton wool sky is close to hallucinatory in intensity; acid green, indeed.


Pink Ladyslipper Cypripediun acaule getting ready to bloom.


Frond unrolling.


A new-to-me bog. I shall return.

1 thought on “Some photos from a cold wet New England spring

  1. I’ll miss the Memorial Day Weekend Ladyslippers unveiling this year. Always my favorite time of year in New England.


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