Fungus walk

I took a camera with me this morning when I ran the dogs. We’ve had three weeks of very wet weather (a flash flood killed a girl a few days ago and a tornado killed a lady up the road in Northwood a week and a half ago) – if it’s not pouring all day, there’s almost always thunderstorms in the afternoon. I figured the wet ought to encourage fungi to fruit – turned out to be a good guess. I’ve pulled Toads and Toadstools off my bookshelf for re-reading; seems weather appropriate. Some pictures, then the slide show.

The Oyster River in August is normally low enough to walk across using stepping stones without getting your feet wet – this is obviously not a normal year.


I think  one of the local bruins ate too many green apples and gave himself an upset stomach.


The Sun God. It’s not hard to see why toadstools are so important to old religions and folkways. You’ve got solar discs and phalluses emerging spontaneously from Mom Earth – let the myth making  proceed!


The big guy – Amanita. I still like Wasson’s  soma theory, even if there are other equally good candidates – its a rippin’ idea.


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A big nod to Lord Whimsy for the proximate stimulus and to the Querencistas, where fungoblogging is a tradition.

3 thoughts on “Fungus walk

  1. There’s been a lot of pale beige, flat topped toadstools around. Haven’t seen anything like any of those, though!

    There was a HUGE chicken mushroom in my folks’ backyard last year, it was really cool looking, then some neighbor kid smashed it. 🙁

  2. I love your fungi slideshow! There’s nothing like being an old fashioned naturalist, just wandering around the woods with a curious eye, documenting what you see. I love photo sets like that. It really me wonder what I’m doing in a city.

    Thanks for providing a little bit of nature for a poor urban transplant who misses home in the woods.

  3. Glad folks enjoyed the post – it was fun wandering around, gathering the pix. It’s a productive month for fungus blogging – more here, here and here.

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