Some dart frog photos

A friend who moved to Tucson about a year ago is in the area doing some house sitting. We got together yesterday – headed over to the big herp show in Manchvegas where we met a couple other friends/fellow froggers. From there, back to S’s house where we hung out in the frog room, then to lunch, then home. An excellent day. Some pictures (more on my Flickrstream) and a video.

A Bullseye histo.

Oophaga histrionica Bullseye


The frog room (aka The Garagemahal).

Frog room


Not a great photo, but a great subject – a pair of Atelopus (spumarius I think) amplexing.

Atelopus amplexus


And a quick vid of a pumilio calling his fool head off.


3 thoughts on “Some dart frog photos

  1. Gotta say I didn’t really want to come back (especially in Winter) – but seeing the “Gang” makes the coming week (House/Kid sitting … ) worthwhile.


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