Some spring milestones

It’s been a (re)productive spring here at the ranch. Some pictures:

I sighted some fry in one of the Betta macrostoma tanks. They are mouth-brooders; males have had clutches in their gullets before, but this is the first hatch-out.


The Dendrobates leucomelas Guyana Banded laid their first eggs. A shot, taken moments ago, of the developing tads.


My tiny little plug of Utricularia jamesoniana decided to flower. This is a woo-hoo all out of proportion to the size of the plant: I looked for a division of jamesoniana for years and to get one and have it flower within a year is a cause for celebration.

Utricularia jamesoniana


And lastly, something I had nothing to do with at all. A Polyphemus Moth on a column at work:

Polyphemus moth

4 thoughts on “Some spring milestones

  1. Congrats on the leuc tadpoles. Are these your first for the species or for the banded locale?

  2. Hi!
    Love your site!
    I’m looking for a microphonograph,
    Model EB-6.
    Can you help/give suggestions?
    Many thanks,

  3. You say things that just sound like pithy quotes all the time. Case in point:
    “Good things continue to happen in the bog garden.” I want to embroider that. No one else would ever come up with that observation.

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