Three from English Russia

English Russia is one of those blogs I check once in a blue moon, then kick myself for not subscribing to their RSS feed. As Bullwinkle says, “This time, fur sure!” Three wicked pisser posts, among many.


Reindeer Racing.

These days is a great day for the dwellers of Northern regions of Russia. The polar night lasting many days before when the Sun didn’t come above the horizon and the land was covered with the darkness ends. People come from all the regions to celebrate.

The main fun during celebration is the deer race. People bring their best deers and race, race, race. The looser deers are being eaten then, like, they did not satisfy the expectations, giving the big meals to everyone.

No mention of amanita, but a boy can hope…



Ukranian Amazons.

A French explorer Guillaume Herbaut has found a group of amazons hiding in the woods of Ukraine. They live together, dress like locals, study martial arts and their idol is Ukrainian lady minister Julia Timoshenko.

No mention of White Tights, but a boy can hope…



Russian Flying Fortresses.

Photoshop awesomeness.


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  1. As a Russophile I have to love that site– and the “looser” deer being eaten.

    But the plane-!! Did it actually exist? And WHAT ABOUT THE FRACKIN’ SAUCER??

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