Very nice armor for cats and mice:

The suit above would be perfect for the Caracal X Abyssinian I’m going to breed someday (unless I move to a state where I can own a pure Caracal or – even less likely – I get my hands on what I really would like to course: a cheetah).

My suggestion to Mr. Boer? Work up a few Thracian-style helmet and greaves ensembles suitable for frogs and let the Batrachomyomachia commence!

By this speech he persuaded them to arm themselves They covered their shins with leaves of mallows, and had breastplates made of fine green beet-leaves, and cabbage-leaves, skillfully fashioned, for shields. Each one was equipped with a long, pointed rush for a spear, and smooth snail-shells to cover their heads. Then they stood in close-locked ranks upon the high bank, waving their spears, and were filled, each of them, with courage.

Via Make.

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