Teckelmania II – The Puppening

On the way back from an open house the NH Falconers Assoc. put on for National Hunting and Fishing Day, I stopped by to see Lotte. The litter is 16 days old – eyes and ears are open and they are starting to explore a bit. Mom is feeling a bit needy – fine by me – I don’t mind giving her some pats.


Her call name will (obviously) be Lotte; short for Lotte Feist or Löttë Ümlaüt – as the fancy strikes me.  A side note, revealing either what a dog person I am or how clueless I am (or both): a year or so ago I heard a song on the radio I liked quite a bit (My Moon My Man). When I found out the name of the band/artist (still clueless) – Feist – I thought it was interesting but a little dissonant – the music didn’t match the big attitude I associate with feists. Oops.


A shot from the open house – a gyr taking advantage of an alternative perch, with a sakeret and a line of peregrines behind her.

A good evening

A bit of dog training on a lovely spring evening. No pictures of Dinah – too busy working her. We took the older dogs out for a quick lap after finishing up with two of the pups and Janey pinned a woodcock. KD and Briar backed nicely.


One of Dinah’s littermates, getting ready to do his thing: