Checking in on the bog garden

The bog garden (construction posts here and here) is doing nicely; the sphagnum is taking off with the onset of some cooler weather, the cranberry foliage is turning red and the sundews are getting a second wind.

The whole thing.

the bog


Drosera rotundifolia

D rotundifolia


Drosera intermedia

D. intermedia


Spiranthes cernua v. odorata – blossoms are just opening



And a couple shots of potted plants: Sarracenia minor Okefenokee Giant fenestrations

S. minor fenestrations


An unknown Sarracenia hybrid

Sarracenia ?

Orchid Flickrstream Redux

I’ve mentioned Karlboms orchids’ Flickrstream before. It actually turned out to be a pretty popular post – ought to add it to the ‘Greatest Hits’ category – wait, getting off topic here… Some of their recent photographs are so interesting that I’m moved to post them here in addition to favoriting them on Flickr.

Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albociliatum


Lepanthopsis barahonensis – now that’s micro!


Bulbophyllum dearei


Pleurothallis penelops