Three groups of three

Social insects.

  • Six Legs Better – a history of myrmecology.
  • The Superorganism – group-level evo strategies.
  • Slant – social insects, info theory and echoes of Brunner’s great Stand on Zanzibar.



  • Lost Worlds of the Guiana Highlands. Outstanding – geology, history, biology and lots of gorgeous pictures.
  • Climb to the Lost World – I need to read this. Among other things, it may stop me from thinking ‘Ben Nevis’ as soon as I hear Dr. MacInnes’ name (it’s a hell of a thing to be type-cast).
  • The Lost World – the original trip to Maple White Land.


The Ottoman Empire (and the world to its west).

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  1. Haven’t seen a honey pot ant pic in a long long time..thanks for sharing that pic thier

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