Frog room move

I – along with some other local froggers – spent yesterday afternoon helping a friend move his frog room into the garagemahal. Many hands make light work – my mind boggles thinking about his last move – across town, with one other helper.


The cookout afterward was killer and I’m not particularly sore today. Win! Poor SportsDoc – his room is moved, but now he needs to organize/unpack/stow – our guesstimate was 20-30 manhours of fun.

Update – forgot to embed this short video of NH’s State Bird – the Black Fly. ‘Tis the season!

3 thoughts on “Frog room move

  1. OK, nice, but could I ask: why a frog room? What do you do with all the frogs? In Iowa frogs only have ponds, not beautiful middle-class homes to live in. Should our frogs be jealous?

  2. These are foreign frogs – Central/South American Dendrobatids – aka poison dart frogs. We keep them because they’re so pretty, because you can keep them in planted vivaria and in some cases as part of captive breeding programs.

    Ranitomeya uakarii

  3. Personally, I’m just going to keep it short and sweet and say…

    “Yes, your frogs should be jealous!”

    s 🙂

    “The Lone Helper”

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