Photo dump

… or more posts about buildings and food. Some pictures from a trip to Brooklyn my son and I took to attend a new student’s day at Pratt Institute. While in Brooklyn I reconnected with a good friend who I’d fallen out of touch with – we all went out for BBQ and had a good time. I’m sad that E and I haven’t talked in a long time, but very happy that the lull is over.

A couple pictures of what I think counts as the lower end of Park Slope:


I liked the odd brickwork and 60’s vibe on this front:


And some pictures from the Pratt campus. Great late 19th/early 20th century architecture and a ton of interesting outdoor art (who woulda thunk it – art school and all).



4 thoughts on “Photo dump

  1. Very nice. Liam was raving about it last night (in addition to having headaches from his spinal tap). He says he loves it there. From the looks of it it’s a very “homey” sort of campus. I’m digging the third picture down.

    Although I can’t help but think that as nice as that campus is and as good of a school as Pratt is, him going to California would’ve been great too, since that’s probably where I’m going. 😛

    By the way, your son gave me your AIM screenname. I’m not sure what sort of weirdness factor it clocks in at, but as long as you don’t mind talking to someone about half your age, my screenname is “samling”.

  2. The reclining form is a great piece of work – if you approach it from the right of the photo (as we did), it just looks like a boulder. As you get closer, it reveals itself – form and texture (in places you can see the rebar armature underneath).

    Next time I’ve got my IM client fired up, I’ll ping you. I tend be an occasional IMer – the distraction factor can be overwhelming…

  3. I’m curious – in the reclining form photo, are we looking at it from the front (that is, the form is bending backward like someone doing a back flip), or from the back, as though it were in the fetal position (or getting there)? I’m tempted to say the former because of the angle of the knees, but it’s hard to tell. Either way it’s an excellent piece; very cool metamorphosis that you described, if one can call it that. Maybe I’ll take a visit up/down/left to Pratt to see Liam once he’s there, and check it out in person.

  4. From the front (I think?!?) – the angle I took the picture from exaggerates the ‘back flip’ curve as does the shape of the top of the torso, which is working pretty hard on it’s boulder-ness.

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