I first heard this song on the radio about a week and a half ago and almost drove off the road – alternately tapping out the beat on the steering wheel and laughing. The backstory is here on Wikipedia – I also guess from the dates on the wiki entry that this is a whole lot of no news for any readers on the other side of the Atlantic. Three things I love about this – the beat (yeah, I know, simple), the growl in her voice, and the tubular bells/chimes. Amy Winehouse sings Rehab:

Update – live version substituted – BIG hair & BIG voice!
Another update – added the music video version back – I missed the chimes and electrons are cheap (it’s YouTube’s bandwidth).

2 thoughts on “Earworm

  1. its funny that youve posted this since she is one of my new favorite singers. i’ve searched through youtube and found videos of her singing live and i think what i really like about her is that she makes it look so effortless. and how could such a tiny person have such a huge voice?

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