Project updates

A quick status check on some of the irons I have in the fire.

  • The brackish tank is doing well. I’ve managed to persuade the archerfish to take Arowana Sticks in addition to crickets, so feeding is a lot easier. The scat will eat anything, but loves the sticks too. With summer and increased insolation, I’ve had some trouble with green water (single cell algae free-floating in the water column) – increasing the frequency of water changes has helped and I’m awaiting the delivery of  some Corbicula fluminea. I’m hoping that filter feeders in the tank will consume the last of the free algae. I’m growing out some black mangroves (Avicennia germinans) that Hydrophyte sent me (along with some other aquatic/emergent plants in an awesome care package) – not sure yet how I’m going to integrate the blackies into the brackish tank, but I have time to ponder while the mangroves embiggen.
  • Plants in the African stream tank have gotten over transplant shock. All the Anubias are sending out new roots, the Bollbitis are fiddleheading and the Java moss is sending out new growth as well.
  • The frog rack is fully populated. I moved my new banded leucs out of their quarantine tank into the middle level viv. They are quite shy; I’m hoping they get bolder as they get used to their new home and as the tank grows in and provides more cover.
  • The Mediated Toybee Tile project keeps simmering. Adhesive testing is pretty much done, though we may want to run some additional tests with this stuff (or just use it, give how nicely plain ol’ 5-minute stuff performed). I need to touch base with JY and CT and talk next steps as regards tile fabrication.

Ephemeral project – over and done with – baking with cherries from my little tree.

5 thoughts on “Project updates

  1. Your techy posts overwhelm my limited cerebral capabilities, but glad to hear that your planted projects are going well. Are those black mangrove growing new leaves for you?

    Can I stick a Toybee Tile someplace here in WI for you?

  2. The black mangroves _just_ started back up – my fingers are crossed. I’d love to ship a Toynbee Tile your way – it’ll be some months (minimum) before we’re ready to go, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for the package – it was great.

  3. I didn’t know they were still making Vortexes – great idea. Thanks, Brian – if the clams don’t do the trick, I now have a Plan B.

  4. They did stop making them for awhile but some one else picked them up and started making them again..thier a great filter..

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