Vision of the future

Me in a couple years. I doubt my hair will be quite that full, but the beard is do-able. Notice the big viv and enclosures…



Ganked from Jackson Publick’s LJ (check out the Comicon crazimess at the top).

7 thoughts on “Vision of the future

  1. OUCH! The feed is looking OK in my Netvibes feed (see below) – I’ll look into it. Any other folks seeing any RSS reader weirdness?

  2. It’s happened to another blog I get. very odd. Your test went through the same messy way. Do you use Google Reader? Can you see the mess?

  3. Cain’t see it no more – hope you are having the same non-experience…

  4. Go Team Venture!

    Had a conversation years ago with a friend about what a great idea it would be for someone to do a movie following the life of an adult Johnnie Quest, especially it it reflected some of the assumptions and attitudes from the original series. Little did we know that in a couple of years someone would, only it’s a series and much more twisted and funny than what we were thinking of.

  5. Absolutely my favorite thing on teevee – nothing else comes close. The mix of satire, in-jokes and howlingly funny foolishness – just perfect.

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