Still adventuring

P1300638 - P1300640

A brief post to let y’all know that after a fun-filled summer and fall with H, J, and the grandkiddos, I am back out on the road. There are 4 of us: myself, Dinah the old DK/GSP, Lotte the #adventureteckel, and introducing! Maisie the v small #adventureteckel. We’re currently at Arcosanti (pictured above) trying to decide where to head next. More, when I’m motivated to write, but we’ve had puppy bonding and friend meeting in Austin, Christmas with family in Los Angeles, dinner with S & T in Tucson, big mine tour fun in Bisbee with S, the AZ Falconers Desert Classic at Biosphere 2 in Oracle AZ (I took a cottontail with Dan D.’s Harris’ Hawk!) and a best possible afternoon with L & D (back) in Tucson!

The partners in crime:

Yep, I use the same style tie-out.

#adventureteckel Lotte helping me watch the weathering yard.

Blep + side eye. #dailymaisie

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