New Hampshire Media Makers Spoke Card 1

Rewards drive behavior.




As regular readers know, I’m trying to re-integrate bicycling into my life as an enjoyable, practical transportation option. Given the ongoing nightmare in the Gulf, I’m feeling pretty evangelical about biking, so I thought I’d see if I could encourage locals (or folks from a distance, if they’re up for a big ride) to come to this Sunday’s NHMM meetup via bicycle. I was inspired when I fell across spoke cards while looking at commuter bikes on Flickr – you can see the results of said inspiration above.

The first 8 people to ride to NHMM get a spoke card on the spot – if there are more riders than that, I’ll have more made up and make good on my offer within a week. If there are less than that, anyone from further away than, say, 20 miles can have one if they tell me that they’ve ridden a bike to and from the grocery store this week (6/6) – knowing my own problems with good intentions, it’s gotta be a completed ride.

A shoutout to the good folks at Infinite Imaging who did a bang-up job on printing and lamination.

6 thoughts on “New Hampshire Media Makers Spoke Card 1

  1. I’ve wanted to get a bike for awhile now.

    First I wanted to bike to work. 45 minutes by car each way kind of precluded that.

    Now I work at home. So I suppose I can get on the bike, then get back off – and I’m at work.

    The only other issue with biking is where I live. Twombley Road and Route 4 are both a bit of a death trap. They’re also the only way to get from here to there (wherever there is).

    Someday. Probably a wheelchair.


  2. Rte 4 isn’t too bad – I used to ride it quite a bit. Its saving grace is a w-i-d-e shoulder allowing you a bit of distance from the car driving pinheads. I’d have to look at a map, but I’ll bet if you wanted to you could take a nice ride on the west side of Bauneg Beg.

  3. Twombley is the west side of Bauneg Beg. šŸ™‚

    People drive like idiots on Twombley – and there are no shoulders to speak of.

    Route 4 isn’t terrible – it’s just the texting/swerving drivers that would give me the willies.


  4. Good point – texting wasn’t an issue when I was riding Rte 4 – yikes.

  5. I walk to work every day and I don’t even OWN a bike (my brother does, but I’m not commandeering it to bike all the way to Newmarket without previous experience biking in this area).

  6. Walking rules! It does creates some spoke card placement issues, though – imaginary bike fail!? If pedaling around a bit hits your must-do list, and you want to go for a short ride, let me know.

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