Maurice “The Rocket” Richard

Two minutes in the sin bin assessed on all readers of this blog – for looking so good. And you, yes you there cutie, you get a 5 minute major.


I wish I could find my (pre-digital) pictures of the Maurice Richard statue I took when in Montreal with the Design Student (other photographic subjects: crooked knives in the Hudson Bay Company Museum, capybaras in the Biodome – none of this should shock you). One thing that shouldn’t have surprised me – The Rocket’s full name is Joseph Henri Maurice Richard, Sr. I once worked at a manufacturing facility in New Hampshire with a group of older Franco-American men. We’d worked together for a couple years before I – culturally ignorant as I was – discovered that they ALL had the same first name. Ben’s full name was Joseph Benjamin  X, Roger’s was Joseph Roger Y, etc.  See also – Boom Boom Geoffrion and The Pocket Rocket. Bah, cultural homogenization – it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a sentence construction like, “Up the hill, the car she went.”

Spoiler – video below is a minute and a half of introduction and six minutes of standing ovation.


Grecian Formula via LGM.

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