Kettle Hole Expedition II – pano and vids

As promised, a little more visual info from the great bog outing.

First, a panorama of the open water area of the bog. Side note: I downloaded and tried Hugin as a panorama stitcher (the source pix were taken w/o any assist – I can never find the pano mode on the camera and it has never done me much good anyway) and found it to be really quite excellent.

Bog pano

A video of me settling in to the mat, posted mainly for the sound of the water percolating up as I sank down.

And two videos of the mat undulating, the 1st mild and the 2nd a bit more wild.


2 thoughts on “Kettle Hole Expedition II – pano and vids

  1. So if you ever go missing – they should start the search there?!?

    I just picture slipping THROUGH the mass on top of the water and just disappearing … “QuickBog” as it were.


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