Modern feathered dinosaur

A friend’s male (musket?) Cooper’s Hawk. If this is the look one would get from an incoming Dromaeosaurid, heart attack would be a likely cause of prey death.



2 thoughts on “Modern feathered dinosaur

  1. Remember I loved your quote “Good things continue to happen in the blog garden”? and wanted to embroider it? Well, I did just that. I’m using ideas for freehand embroidery of a bog from your website. Turning out great and if I could find your email I’d send a pic.

    The reason I love it is because your attitude is so interesting and upbeat – people really should be able to enjoy themselves where ever they may be – like you do. So even in a bog garden (of the mind), a slew of good things keep happening. Inspiring. That statement just says it all where mood and liveliness and useful pleasure are concerned!

  2. I’d LOVE to see a picture! The address is dr.hypercube -at- – looking forward to the inbox chime.

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