2 thoughts on “Classic Movies in Miniature Style

  1. Beautiful and funny at the same time! They’re great.
    Since reading your post I came across something quite similar: movies in the style of russian “lybki”, a genre of miniature llustrations that was popular in Russia from the 18th to the 20th centuries, done by Andre Kyznetsov. Star Wars, the Matrix, and many others. I saw them in a post on Transparent.com, in their Russian “language and culture” blog. The post has a link to a gallery.
    Or try an image search, which will show more of them than are found in the gallery. Use ?????? ???????? ?????.
    I really enjoy your blog, by the way.
    John McConnaughy
    Sorry, I’m not good enough with computers to provide a link.

  2. Oops, I see the Cyrillic lettering didn’t work. I wrote out the search terms I used in Russian with the thought that you could copy it and paste it to do an image search.

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