Ice storm

I (and many others) am dealing with the aftermath of our recent ice storm. Power is still out – lines are down in at least 3 places along the road I live on. The wood stove has been keeping the house in the mid-50′s, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading by wind-up flashlight. It’s impossible to get any sense of when or in what order service will be restored from Public Service of NH; across the river, Central Maine Power has a goal of all customers back on by midnight tomorrow. I’d love to hear a similar county by county set of goals from PSNH…

One thought on “Ice storm

  1. Oh, the fun we’ll have in New England!

    We got our power back about 4PM yesterday (Monday). Of course it went out again at 4AM Tuesday.

    Came back up a few hours later though. The Cable/Internet/Phone came up Tuesday afternoon sometime.

    Hope you’re powered up soon JP.