Inbound from Tomboy Style

Welcome – make yourselves comfortable. The results of a blog search on ‘motorcycle’ are here, there’s some cosmonaut/astronaut (female) art here and a post on Hedwig Kiesler (aka Hedy Lamarr) here. Finally, four recent shots off the phone that will serve as an overview of me & mine.


Messing around with unusual plants.



Two other good place to browse are the ‘Greatest Hits’ and the ‘alt.tentacles’ buckets in the blogroll. Hope you find something interesting/enjoyable!

Save the date

The International Carnivorous Plant Society comes to New England next August. For carnivorous plant nerds like yrs truly, this is a BFD. Expect reminders and indicators of excitement as the date draws nearer.


Click the flyer or here to go to the main New England Carnivorous Plant Society conference page.

Other appearances here and there

I’ve popped up on a couple other web sites recently and wanted to link out for readers that hadn’t seen these posts. First, way back in May (wow, time is flying this summer) I did a Five on Falconry post with Rebecca K. O’Connor over at her Operation Delta Duck. More recently, the Biodiversity Heritage Library featured me in their BHL and Our Users series of posts. I don’t know if this is my 15 minutes or 15 people, but it’s fun.

Tangentially – I received an email from a photographer who is doing a series of falconer portraits. He was in the area and wondered if I’d sit for some shots. The answer was yes and although the weather wasn’t great, shoot we did.



A small world note on the second photograph – as I wrote to peacay (of BibliOdyssey),

…he spent a lot of time on shots of my peregrine on the fist. When we were all done, he told me that he was trying to replicate a picture his roommate had shown him on the internet. Yes, you can see it coming – he pulled up BibliOdyssey ( – I laughed – told him we correspond.


A note on posting styles

If you look at the Monthly: box over in the right margin, you’ll notice that posting frequency has dropped by about 50% for the past 6 months. Some of it has been because I’ve been busy, but another factor has been what I can only describe as dilution. With so many ways of emitting signal – Facebook, Wave and especially Twitter – and some finite number of things to say, my attention has not been focused on posting. I read this entry by Eliza Gauger with interest; I’m not willing to go as far as Bruce Sterling and declare blogging dead, but it has taken a bit of a hit. While I was looking at the bookmarklet Eliza is using, I discovered that there’s similar functionality built into WordPress called Press This. I’ve started using it (‘sproke and the two Lottes were posted via Press This) and am going to mix a lot more Tumblr/Soup-ish quick links into the blog stream. Expect the blog to be – at least until I go off on another tangent – a mix of ‘ooh, shiny’ quickies, stream-of-experience pictures and bog standard pointless ruminations.

(Wo)man Cub

A pretty little granddaughter appeared last night as if by magic. I can call it magic, since I wasn’t in the birthing room with my laboring daughter. Frances Mae M. (Frankie – though Scout may be used as a nickname, too) weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and is gorgeous.