Another bassleri update

I was misting the tank a few minutes ago and spotted this guy hopping around the leaf litter. He has to be from the clutch that the male transported back in February – it’s very nice to see the whole thing happening without my involvement. I take it as a sign that I’ve done a decent job with the habitat – yay for world-building!

Three groups of three

Social insects.

  • Six Legs Better – a history of myrmecology.
  • The Superorganism – group-level evo strategies.
  • Slant – social insects, info theory and echoes of Brunner’s great Stand on Zanzibar.



  • Lost Worlds of the Guiana Highlands. Outstanding – geology, history, biology and lots of gorgeous pictures.
  • Climb to the Lost World – I need to read this. Among other things, it may stop me from thinking ‘Ben Nevis’ as soon as I hear Dr. MacInnes’ name (it’s a hell of a thing to be type-cast).
  • The Lost World – the original trip to Maple White Land.


The Ottoman Empire (and the world to its west).

Water sounds

Peepers, Red-winged Blackbirds, Canadas, ducks (Mallards, I think – I lost them in the setting sun), Dinah’s bell and, if you listen closely towards the end, Great Blue Herons.





Hint for those with dogs – turn the volume down. Dinah is pissed that there are birds and a dog wearing her bell here in the office. Now, if she can just figure out where they are (and why she can’t smell them) there’ll be hell to pay.