I just now (May 2, 2009) did an upgrade on the sump that services the big vivarium and got a new sump ready for a medium sized viv that’s getting built, slowly but surely. If you’ve read my ‘big viv upgrade‘ page, you know that I swapped in a 10 gallon aquarium for the plastic bin that was doing sump duty. The setup has been performing well, but I’ve wanted all along to put some kind of mechanical/biological filter between where the water enters the sump and the pump that returns it to the tank. Recently, I noticed a new sponsor over at DendroboardSwiss Tropicals. Stephan (Mr. Swiss Tropicals to you) imports Poret filter foam in a variety of sizes. Bingo! I ordered some and in no time at all, a box of Poret arrived. A little bit of cutting and presto – a sqeeze to fit foam divider and a foam platform for the pump (to keep things quiet).

Under the big viv. That’s azolla on the surface of the input section and the water is, indeed, brownish – stained with tannins by the Indian Almond leaves that go into the water feature for the tadpoles.


The sump for the new tank.



An extra bonus – I thought I’d lost all my rivulus during the ice storm. Not so – there was one ultra-hardy individual in the sump – I found him when I was draining things in preparation for putting in the foam. He’s now back in the water feature – huzzah!

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