Inbound from Tomboy Style

Welcome – make yourselves comfortable. The results of a blog search on ‘motorcycle’ are here, there’s some cosmonaut/astronaut (female) art here and a post on Hedwig Kiesler (aka Hedy Lamarr) here. Finally, four recent shots off the phone that will serve as an overview of me & mine. Worldbuilding. Messing around with unusual plants. Hunting/gathering. Nom. … Continue reading Inbound from Tomboy Style

Wordly Wise

Derny (also spelled derney) – “a motorized bicycle for motor-paced track cycling events such as during six-day and Keirin racing) or motor-paced road races. It is driven by a 98cc Zurcher two-stroke engine and by being pedalled through a fixed gear, typically of 70 teeth on the front chainring and 11 on the sprocket on … Continue reading Wordly Wise