A note on posting styles

If you look at the Monthly: box over in the right margin, you’ll notice that posting frequency has dropped by about 50% for the past 6 months. Some of it has been because I’ve been busy, but another factor has been what I can only describe as dilution. With so many ways of emitting signal – Facebook, Wave and especially Twitter – and some finite number of things to say, my attention has not been focused on posting. I read this entry by Eliza Gauger with interest; I’m not willing to go as far as Bruce Sterling and declare blogging dead, but it has taken a bit of a hit. While I was looking at the bookmarklet Eliza is using, I discovered that there’s similar functionality built into WordPress called Press This. I’ve started using it (‘sproke and the two Lottes were posted via Press This) and am going to mix a lot more Tumblr/Soup-ish quick links into the blog stream. Expect the blog to be – at least until I go off on another tangent – a mix of ‘ooh, shiny’ quickies, stream-of-experience pictures and bog standard pointless ruminations.

2 thoughts on “A note on posting styles

  1. I’ve actually been considering switching RKNet’s blog area over to my soup for the time being, as I’ve found I have little to say, but much to share, and none of my other “authors” have really been available (nor can I afford to pay them).

    But that’d give me the opportunity to take the “blog” in a new direction, possibly something like what’s discussed here: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/the-death-of-the-blog-post/
    The detailed, magazine style individual page post. It’d be an interesting challenge, and totally worthwhile, but VERY tricky to upkeep, thus pretty much forcing a slower schedule by valuing quality over quantity.

  2. Wow! That’s an interesting approach – I like it (though I sure don’t have the design chops to attempt it).

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