A little more about Jott, to follow up on the brief post below… Jott is, at core, a speech-to-text application. It’s the input and output options that make it – IMHO – very cool. The primary input feeder is a phone – dial Jott, tell it where you want the message to go and start talking. When you’re done, pause – Jott will say “Got it” and queue up the message to be processed into text and sent. Output options include:

  • Send an email message to yourself. This was what got me interested in Jott in the first place. I find myself having ideas or thinking of some little thing I really ought to do only to have the thought go on sabbatical (if it’s something I need to do, it usually returns as I’m trying to go to sleep – if it’s a good idea, it may never come back). Now I can make a quick phone call and jott myself a note.
  • Send an email and a text message to someone else. I used this today – sent a message to someone: “Call me once you’ve started your day.”
  • Send an update to Twitter. Very handy for those of us without qwerty keypads on our phones – at least that subset who are pathetic at numpad texting (I’m a member).
  • Add an item to a list. Jott accounts are provisioned with a To Do List already included  – I’ve added a list for blog post topics. Grocery lists, people to murther, the possibilities are endless.
  • Post to your blog. Moblog mastery!

For the coolest, most mind bending, creatively playful use of Jott ever, click here. It’s a two species blog post – bravo RKO’C!

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  1. Parrot jotting is definitely going to be a component of my new blog at (just waiting for the designer to make me a skin — I’m too busy figuring out how to Jott, Podcast and Videocast) Thanks for the introduction to Planet Jott!

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