Some spring milestones

It’s been a (re)productive spring here at the ranch. Some pictures:

I sighted some fry in one of the Betta macrostoma tanks. They are mouth-brooders; males have had clutches in their gullets before, but this is the first hatch-out.


The Dendrobates leucomelas Guyana Banded laid their first eggs. A shot, taken moments ago, of the developing tads.


My tiny little plug of Utricularia jamesoniana decided to flower. This is a woo-hoo all out of proportion to the size of the plant: I looked for a division of jamesoniana for years and to get one and have it flower within a year is a cause for celebration.

Utricularia jamesoniana


And lastly, something I had nothing to do with at all. A Polyphemus Moth on a column at work:

Polyphemus moth